Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thames Dispatch

I'm in London this weekend visiting my friend the brilliant Filip Matwin. Remember that name- like me, he'll be famous some day, although we're both not yet quite sure what for. During most of my past few trips to London, I've come with Ryanair (the cheapo bare bones airline that makes Southwest and JetBlue look like first class) and have landed at Stansted Airport. Stansted is a pain in the neck to get to and from, not to mention that the round trip train tickets from Stansted to London and back usually end up costing as much as the whole flight). But it does have one thing going for it. Since they always have about twenty times the number of EU citizens on flights going to Stansted as opposed to us luckless non-EU sorts, and since they still divide the queue (not a line, please, we're in England, my good chap) into EU and non-EU citizens, the customs line at Stansted always takes about a minute for me, as opposed to maybe close to twenty or so for everyone else. Ha ha. The other thing worth mentioning here is the heat. It's 84 degrees outside and it's early May still. In friggin London! Yeah, no global warming. Riiiiight. So that's London for you, hot and a perfect way of shifting travelers through customs. Then again, the UK could just be a normal EU country and join the Shengen agreement which permits passport free travel. But that would be too easy.
And one last juicy tidbit of news: I'll be trying out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire in New York in June! Whoopee! The Fisher House Foundation stands to make 50% of my winnings, provided I get into the hot seat.

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